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Kana Matsumoto
Born in 1985 Artist singer / songwriter from Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture

The days of waking up with the sun and sleeping with the sun in an old private house in a satoyama where monkeys and wild boars visit the garden with the drummer's husband and 2 and 0 year old sons. In my life without TV, I like eating seasonal vegetables, observing creatures, and reading. Handmade miso and soy sauce, and helped a friend's rice field. Live freely in a natural way.

Currently, in his hometown of Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture, he plans many art events in rice fields, forests, closed public baths and temples, with the desire to create a place where both children and adults can spend time with peace of mind. We are also working on education for dialogue through art and childcare in a rich natural environment.

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Kana Matsumoto Online Community Kane Cafeteria $11.5 / month

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